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Great Legal Teams Working For You.

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Artificial Intelligence – What The Developing Landscape Means For Your Business

The Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) industry is rapidly emerging as one of the most interesting new advancements likely to impact a broad array of industries. AI is well beyond the nascent stages of development, and is quickly taking center stage as a gateway profit maximizer for forward-thinking business leaders. In short, AI has arrived. Read how the adoption of AI may solve business challenges and the multiple uses of Artificial Intelligence, plus insight into navigating legal and regulatory issues associated with AI.

Estate Planning – Preparing for the Future to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Many people believe that only wealthy individuals have estate plans. But that’s not the case. Estate planning is about preparing for the future and making sure your wishes and loved ones are protected. Listen to our estate and trust attorneys’ podcasts to learn about the fundamentals of estate plans, how to limit challenges to trusts and wills, and the range of solutions available for your loved ones to maintain independent living as they age. 

Changes In The Wind for Retirement Benefits – Possible

Last spring the United States House of Representatives by an over whelming majority passed the most significant changes to the IRA/401(k) laws since their original passage in the mid 1970’s….

Industry Spotlight: Challenges In The Construction Industry

The barriers to entry in the construction business are relatively low, which has created a crowded marketplace. The more competition that exists, the more difficult it becomes to sustain strong margins that can often result in less available resources to reinvest in new technology – a critical factor to long-term sustainability. Sustaining high productivity levels is challenging in all businesses; however, it appears even more difficult in the commercial construction business.