A Message from the Managing Partner


During the first quarter of the year, law firms are always confronting new challenges and developing strategies for the months ahead. We are fortunate to have great clients and interesting matters to work on at PLDO which will make 2012 another great year as we implement our plans.

One of our initiatives for the year was to develop a more cutting edge format for our Quarterly e-newsletter so that it was more informative and inviting to read. We hope you enjoy this new design and the functionality of our e-newsletter.

Another very important initiative for April is to honor our employees during PLDO’s staff appreciation week which begins on April 23. It is at this time that we have the opportunity to thank the entire staff for their diligence, loyalty and commitment to the lawyers and clients of the firm and for making PLDO a very special place to work. Thank you for reading the PLDO Quarterly. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Gary R. Pannone,
PLDO Managing Partner

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Client Review

What is extremely unique about PLDO is that they are great lawyers who actually care about me and my business. They make me feel as if I am the most important client in the firm and I am certain that all of their clients feel the same way. 

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