Owning a Construction Company

Industry Spotlight

Although the main concern of the owner of a construction company is to secure the next job and create a comfortable backlog, in today’s marketplace, owners are confronted with multiple issues that require proactive attention to remain successful….. READ MORE


Challenges in the Construction Industry

Industry Challenges

The barriers to entry in the construction business are relatively low, which has created a crowded marketplace. The more competition that exists, the more difficult it becomes to sustain strong margins that can often result in less available resources to reinvest in new technology – a critical factor to long-term sustainability…… READ MORE

Technology – A Key Factor Driving Success in the Construction Industry

Construction Technology

In addition to delivering legal advice, our lawyers are routinely asked by clients to provide insight relating to business/legal decisions. In the context of solving a legal issue, it is often necessary to understand the business challenges faced by the client……..READ MORE

Client Review

What is extremely unique about PLDO is that they are great lawyers who actually care about me and my business. They make me feel as if I am the most important client in the firm and I am certain that all of their clients feel the same way. 

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