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The firm of Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC, conducts an active criminal defense practice. We have represented individual and corporate clients in a number of high-profile cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

I criminal defense

The leader of our Criminal Defense Team, William P. Devereaux, is a former prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General who has handled numerous cases involving fraud, environmental violations and other white-collar crimes. He leads a team of experienced and determined criminal defense advocates.

Our firm represents clients in matters involving alleged white-collar crimes, including:

  • Bank fraud
  • Commercial insurance fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Stock market irregularities
  • Environmental law violations
  • Embezzlement
  • Political corruption and bribery
  • Police misconduct
  • And other alleged white-collar crimes

If you are under investigation or have been called by a Grand Jury to testify, it is imperative to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our firm can advise you how to handle inquiries from investigators or how to answer certain questions with the aim of avoiding self-incrimination. We can also take immediate action to begin your defense effort. We will thoroughly investigate the factual and legal issues in your case. We can also call upon experts to support your case, including one or more private investigators, forensic accountants, IT specialists and professionals in other appropriate disciplines.

PLDO in Johnston, Rhode Island, will work to build a strong and successful defense effort for you.

Contact us for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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What is extremely unique about PLDO is that they are great lawyers who actually care about me and my business. They make me feel as if I am the most important client in the firm and I am certain that all of their clients feel the same way. 

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